The rise of protest politics – a conversation with Danielle Wood

The rise of protest politics – a conversation with Danielle Wood

Voters are abandoning the major parties. More than one-in-four Australians voted for anyone except the ALP, LNP, or the Greens in the Senate in 2016, compared to just over one-in-ten voters in 2007.

Why are Australians so disillusioned with the political mainstream? And are there similarities with the rise of ‘outsider politics’ in other countries including the Trump presidential victory and Brexit?

In this podcast Danielle Wood discusses her research on voting patterns, which draws on techniques from economics, psychology and political science to understand the rising minor party vote in Australia.

Update: The Grattan Institute’s report, A crisis of trust: The rise of protest politics in Australia, by Danielle Wood and John Daley was released in March 2017 and can be found here:

For further reading on this topic, Danielle suggests the following papers:

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