Policy in the Pub: Designing the Roadmap for Regulatory Reform


From: Wednesday September 19, 2018, 5:30 pm

To: Wednesday September 19, 2018, 6:30 pm

Designing the Roadmap for Regulatory Reform

Regulators face significant trade-offs in conducting their roles. Governments have been challenging their regulatory agencies to decrease the burden they impose on compliant stakeholders. However, poorly designed approaches may inadvertently encourage behaviours that go against the policy objectives underpinning regulatory schemes.

This presentation provides a case study for using economic design principles and processes to improve the design and implementation of regulation. The focus is a multi-year, multi‑stage project partnering with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to consider ways to better target biosecurity inspections at the border while not raising the likelihood of pests and diseases entering Australia.

The presentation considers the different parts of the process for designing regulatory protocols, including: analysing existing administrative data; interviewing system stakeholders; building game-theoretic models of behaviour; testing aspects of regulatory protocols through economics experiments; and piloting and evaluating the operation of the designed rules in the field before more fulsome implementation. The presentation provides guidance on how to design regulation in a more systematic way, taking the incentives of stakeholders into account and allowing regulators to manage risks and target their efforts more effectively to achieve policy objectives.

About the speaker

Anthony Rossiter is a Research Affiliate with the Centre for Market Design and the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis, both based at the University of Melbourne. He is an experienced policy economist with more than 10 years’ experience across federal and state public service agencies. Throughout his professional and research experience, Anthony has covered topics including: climate change mitigation policy and modelling; regulatory economics; biosecurity policy; the allocation of environmental property rights; housing tenure choice; macroeconomic forecasting; fiscal and monetary policy effectiveness; and evaluating government human services programs.




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