Policy in the Pub: Lifelong learning - concept or reality?


From: Wednesday July 18, 2018, 5:30 pm

To: Wednesday July 18, 2018, 6:30 pm

Lifelong learning - concept or reality? 
This month's policy in the pub will be hosted by the ESA Young Professionals (ESAYP) and feature three millennial panellists who will discuss their views on the concept and reality of lifelong learning. 
Young people are told that they will need to re-train multiple times over their career as their skills are superseded or their jobs are automated. The approach of the recent past (partially revived by the current government), where the Commonwealth would define the numbers of students studying in defined fields, seems at odds with this future. It is not clear however, what should replace it. 
To discuss this topic, ESAYP have assembled a panel of young economists specialising in training, workforce and the labour market. 
  • Gaby D’Souza has worked for the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, the Grattan Institute and RMIT, and is currently undertaking her Masters in Economics.
  • Samuel Eyamu is a PhD student attached to the Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne. He completed his MBA (Human Resource Management) at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Kenya.
  • Nathan Wallwork is a Manager in PwC's Skills for Australia organisation, which works with government, industry and vocational education institutions to re-design curriculums and ways of learning.
  • Moderating the panel is Nick Robinson, President of ESAYP, who is a Senior Associate at PwC and has previously worked for the Higher Education Policy Institute in the UK, and the Grattan Institute. 
Our panel will debate whether lifelong learning exists yet, who is doing it well, what its impacts are on the economy, and what it means for you.



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