Policy in the Pub: Too little of a good thing? Competition in the Australian economy


From: Wednesday December 13, 2017, 5:30 pm

To: Wednesday December 13, 2017, 6:30 pm

Too little of a good thing? Competition in the Australian economy

This month’s talk is from Jim Minifie from the Grattan Institute, who will discuss a forthcoming Grattan report co-authored with Grattan’s Lucy Percival and Cameron Chisholm.


Australia is often said to be the land of oligopolies, and there has been renewed global concern about concentration and market power. This presentation will cover the main findings of the report, including an assessment of the evidence on the following questions:

  • Is Australia unusually dominated by oligopolies compared to other high-income economies?
  • Has competitive pressure in Australia waned over time?
  • Where do firms earn high profits, how persistent are they, and what are the economic costs of market power?

The presentation will also cover policy options to increase competitive pressure.  

About the speakers

The speakers are from the Productivity Growth Program at the Grattan Institute, which focuses on policy to raise Australians’ living standards by improving productivity and accelerating the spread of innovations. It has released reports on how to reduce costs of superannuation, get the most out of the sharing economy, and boost non-mining investment

  • Cameron Chisholm is a quantitative economist who joined Grattan in November 2013. Since joining Grattan he has contributed to projects in the Productivity Growth, Energy, School Education, and Cities teams
  • Jim Minifie directs the program. Prior to joining Grattan in 2012, Jim spent 12 years with the Boston Consulting Group working with corporate and public-sector leaders, including seven years as BCG’s Chief Economist for Australia and New Zealand
  • Lucy Percival joined Grattan from Queensland, following a 7 year state and federal public sector career. Since joining Grattan Lucy has contributed to projects in the School Education and Productivity growth teams

Event details 

The evening is being held at 5.30pm Wednesday 13 December 2017 at the Kelvin Club 14-30 Melbourne Place, just off Russell St. There will be drinks and nibbles from 5pm for those who can get there a bit earlier. 



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Kelvin Club

14-30 Melbourne Place, Melbourne VIC 3000

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