ESA 2015 Professional Development #5 - Assoc Prof Alex Millmow "Economics under the Southern Cross: Writing the history of Australasian economics, 1925-2010"


From: Thursday May 28, 2015, 12:30 pm

To: Thursday May 28, 2015, 1:30 pm

The topic A leading international publisher has asked me to attempt to write a history of Australasian economic thought. Nearly a hundred years on, Australasian economics has made a consistent and enduring contribution to world economics. However no Australasian economist has ever won a Nobel Prize in economics (and is never likely to!) but there were individuals here not so long ago who might have felt worthy of sharing the prize with overseas economists. Other Australian economists who generated key insights in trade and protection theory might have also been considered but the area is no longer considered cutting edge economics. Australasia’s best and brightest are listed as distinguished fellows of the ESA or the New Zealand Association of Economists. An earlier attempt to gauge Australian economic thought, undertaken by Peter Groenewegen and Bruce MacFarlane in 1990, was widely judged to have failed in its mission to present a balanced, nuanced history. In the scoping exercise, with the study at an embryonic state, some grand themes underpinning this narrative are put forward. Register here: The speaker Alex Millmow is Associate Professor in Economics at Federation Business School, Mt Helen. He is the current President of the History of Economic Thought Society of Australia and a council member of the ESA (Victoria). AlexMillmow  


Victorian Competition & Efficiency Commission (VCEC) Offices (Level 37)

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