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In late 2015 the Economic Society of Australia established the National Economic Panel (NEP) and developed an expert polling platform to help further the Society’s objectives:

  • to encourage the study of economics
  • to investigate local and general economic problems, and 
  • to promote the understanding of the economics discipline and the standing of the profession in the Australian community. 

The NEP expert polling platform was designed to: 

  1. crowdsource expert opinions from the NEP
  2. gauge their levels of consensus and confidence on specific propositions, and 
  3. deliver the insights to the public in an accessible, timely, consistent, transparent and engaging way. 

Our NEP polls have sought to bring expert economic perspectives to bear on a wide range of topical and significant policy and societal issues. These have included tackling subjects as diverse as climate and energy policy, penalty rates, the US election, same sex marriage, Brexit,artificial intelligence, ‘fake news’, economics teaching, electric vehicles, immigration, the gig economy, health policy, gender diversityand more. 

Members of the NEP are nominated by each branch of the ESA and selected by ESA President, Matthew Butlin in consultation with the ESA Central Council.   

Between November 2015 and November 2018, our NEP polls were published in partnership with the Monash Business School. From 2019 the polls are hosted and published independently by the ESA. The ESA are grateful to the Monash Business School for their support of and contribution to the NEP initiative in its infancy. You can read more about the creation of the initiative in the society’s journal, Economic Papers. We welcome ideas for future poll questions for the NEP.  Please submit your ideas through this form.



Tom Chan,
(ESA NEP polling platform)

 Senior Policy Analyst, Strategy & Reform, Department of Treasury & Finance (Victoria)

      Buly Cardak,
(ESA NEP polling platform) 

Associate Professor, Department of Economics & Finance, La Trobe Business School

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