Young Professionals Network

Economics Society of Australia (Young Professionals) (Vic) is affiliated with the Economics Society of Australia and the national Young Economists Network.

The Young Professionals Network provides networking and professional development opportunities for early-to-mid-career professionals, and undergraduate/postgraduate students, that are interested in connecting with others working in the field of economics.

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Michael Lombardo - President, Young Professionals Council

Michael is a Senior Economist at the Victorian Treasury. He has supported the delivery of a number of key economic projects, regulatory reform and policy for the Victorian Government ranging from; energy, climate change, natural resources and social housing. As President, Michael is eager to increase the Economics Society of Australia’s Young Professionals Network’s outreach across academia and both the private and public sectors.

Nitul Deshpande - Secretary, Young Professionals Council

Nitul works at the Essential Services Commission (ESC) in Victoria as a Regulatory Analyst. He has worked on utility regulation projects in the electricity, transport, and water industries. He has taken part in price reviews, tariff approvals, fee reviews, and regulatory investigations at the ESC. He has a degree in econometrics from the University of Melbourne. Prior to joining the ESC, he worked at different organisations across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Aneeq Sarwar - Treasurer, Young Professionals Council

Dr. Khan is the Lead Economist at Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), specialising in Productivity, Innovation, Climate Change, Big Data, and Machine Learning. He has worked across industry and academia practicing and teaching development, econometrics, and innovation. As Treasurer he is committed to helping build and foster professional development opportunities and networks for early career economists.

Ian Hamilton – Young Professionals Council Member

Ian is an economist and public policy adviser at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). He has worked across various levels of government including the Prime Minister’s department, Victorian departments of Health and Economic Development, as well as microfinance in Cambodia. He is interested in helping people to build their professional networks and increasing awareness of the pathways to using economics in public policy.

Saeideh Khosroshahi - Young Professionals Council Member

Saeideh is a Senior Regulatory Economist at the Essential Services Commission. She has supported the delivery of various water and transport price review projects. She holds a PhD in water economics from La Trobe University. Her research on conservation tariffs and customers’ preferences have been published in leading international journals. Prior to joining the Commission in 2019, Saeideh was a lecturer at La Trobe University and the University of South Australia. Saeideh is passionate about supporting young female economists and promoting their voices.

Lucy Mraz – Young Professionals Council Member

Lucy is a Senior Economic Analyst in Energy and Climate Advisory at Deloitte Access Economics. She is passionate about developing sustainable economies and enjoys applying her economics skills to solve complex challenges in environmental sustainability and natural resources management. Working with public and private clients at all levels, Lucy provides economic advisory across climate change, decarbonisation, energy and water markets, and utility regulation. Lucy is excited to help young economists connect and further develop their careers.

Michelle Shi - Young Professionals Council Member

Michelle is an economist with Deloitte Access Economics, within the macroeconomic policy and forecasting team. Michelle manages the Weekly Economic Briefing, a subscription newsletter on contemporary economic topics, and works with a range of public and private clients on workforce transition, industry analysis and retail trends. Michelle was previously the president of the Economics Student Society of Australia (Monash branch) and looks forward to organising activities where young economists can meet and get together.

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