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ESA NEP Robot Poll in the news 

A recent NEP Poll put out by ESA has been in the news lately.  "Collaborative robots could save Australian manufacturing jobs and boost small business" (Nick Whigham,, MAY 18, 2018).  You can read the article by following this link.  In case you missed it, our original NEP poll ("Robots, artificial intelligence and the 'future of work'", October 2017) and the accompanying expert overviews by Professor Jeff Borland (University of Melbourne) and Professor Jason Potts (RMIT) are here.

Reduce government debt or provide tax cuts?

For our April poll we asked a budget related question of our panellists: Proposition 1: Slowing the growth in the debt to GDP ratio should be a priority for Australian governments. Proposition 2: Slowing the growth in the debt to GDP ratio is a higher priority than income or corporate tax cuts.


ACE 2018

ACE2018 will be held in Canberra from 10-13 July 2018 with key note speakers confirmed as Anne Krueger, Professor of International Economics, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC; John Asker, Professor of Economics, UCLA; Marilyn Waring, Professor of Public Policy, AUT and Kathryn Graddy, Senior Associate Dean, Brandeis University, Massachusettes.


US Corporate Tax Cuts

This month we asked our National Economic Panel (NEP) for their views on the following proposition. It goes to a potential core election issue as to whether Australia should follow President Trump's suit and reduce its company tax rate if it is to continue to attract investment from abroad and at home.



Technology & Competition laws: A conversation with Dr Stephen King

"If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold." 

There is little doubt that consumers have benefited from zero price services from the likes of Facebook, Google and even Visa and Mastercard. But is there such a thing as a free emoji? In this podcast Dr. Stephen King explains the two-sided nature of the markets in which these companies compete. He also discusses how economists have grappled with the complexity of these markets in problems ranging from the misuse of market power to ownership of personalised data.


ABC Radio Show - The Economists

One of our ESA National Economic Panellists, A/Prof Gigi Foster has teamed up with Peter Martin (The Age/SMH) to create a new ABC Radio show called 'The Economists' which 'uses the tools of f economics to shine a light on life'. 

Will robots take our jobs? A conversation with Professor Jeff Borland

The robots are coming. The world of human work is fast disappearing. This is the future according to the doomsayers who seem at present to dominate discussion on the effects of computers in Australia. It’s a catchy story, and perhaps it fits with what we feel is happening around us. But it has rather a big problem. There is not much (or any) evidence to support it.

In the first of a new series of podcasts for members we ask Professor Jeff Borland: Will robots take our jobs?


Stan Kelly Lecture 2017: Where is the growth going to come from?

After the mining investment boom and then the apartment construction boom, where is Australia’s economic growth going to come from in future? And does it matter where it comes from?

The 2017 Stan Kelly Lecture was given by Luci Ellis the Assistant Governor (Economic) at the Reserve Bank of Australia on 15 November 2017. Please click on the link below for the full speech.


Awards 2017

The Economic Society of Australia offers annual awards to honour distinguished Australian Economists for their contribution to the development of economics.  Pictured here is Professor Alison Booth receiving her award from ESA President Matthew Butlin.



Professional Development Seminar: What happened in the global trade war in the Great Depression? An historical perspective on Trump and tariffs

Event Type: ESA Event

Date: Thursday May 24, 2018, 12:30 pm

Please join us for May's Professional Development seminar where we will hear from Professor Jeff Borland who will discuss the global trade war in the 1930s as an historical perspective on Trump and tariffs. 

Sorry: Bookings are now closed

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ESAYP Trivia Night with Alan Oster

Event Type: ESA Event

Date: Thursday May 24, 2018, 6:30 pm

The Economic Society of Australia Young Professionals annual trivia night is back in 2018!

Please join us at PwC Melbourne for a night of fun, to hear from one of Australia's leading economists, and sign up to hear about ESAYP's other events and opportunities for the year.

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Lucky Boy in the Lucky Country: The Autobiography of Max Corden

Event Type: ESA Event

Date: Tuesday May 29, 2018, 5:30 pm

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The Victorian Branch of the Economic Society of Australia was formed in 1925. As such the Society is one of the oldest professional associations in Australia, and the Victorian Branch one of the largest branches of the organization. The Economic Society of Australia is affiliated with the International Economics Association



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